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ترانزیستور کوره های القایی

differents kind of thyristor,capacitor,resistance

provide all kind of electrical segments like:capacitor,board,resistance,tyristor

خازن کوره های القایی

induction furnace capacitor

Design and manufacturing all kind of trans making in induction heating furnace

کویل کوره های القایی

melting coil

design and manufacture of coils induction furnaces up to 20 tons capacity

ترانس مچینگ کوره های القایی

trans making of induction heating furnace

design and manufacture all kind of trans making of induction heating furnace

تابلوی مدل فرکانس کوره القایی

compelete repair of old induction furnace

update and automation induction furnace

بردهای کوره های القایی

single board analuge furnace

complete repair of old induction furnace,update analog to digital

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