Alborz,pioneer In the manufacturing industry of induction furnaces with medium frequency and high frequency with many years experience and dozen of induction furnaces in the country. in from iran .tehran


forging induction

forging induction …..100kw / 3mg

Induction Melting Furnaces


manufacture induction furnace capacity up 5 ton

From 160KW to 3MW 


induction Hot forming

induction Hot forming up to 3MGW

induction heating treatment machines

produced Advanced HF IGB Technology

why US

preparation and Manufacturer of Induction Furnaces Accessories

این شرکت قادر می باشد کلیه لوازم جانبی کوره های القایی محصولات خود و همچنین شرکت های دیگر را تامین و پشتیبانی کند .

و همچنین در راستای رضایت مندی مشتریان ، این شرکت ، توانایی  تعمیر ونگهداری  کلیه  کوره های القایی با سیستم های : ( سری) ( سری موازی) ( موازی) را  دارمی باشد .

support suitable

After sales service is the other feature.
We have the Best and high speed after sales service with profesional human force
۱۸ mounth warranty and 10 years after sales service are another feature of our company

High Experience

Many years of experience in the manufacture of induction furnace
More than 2 decades of experience in industrial automation manufacturing

High Quality

Digital full automatic system ,is one of the features of this company ,moreover managing of energies and establishing online system in all parameters through network ,are other aspects of this company

The price is right

Suitable cost is one of the important feature

Long back history

  البرز، در صنعت ساخت کوره های القایی با فرکانس متوسط و فرکانس با سالها تجربه و نیز ده ها کوره در سطح کشور

نمونه کارها

some of the customers

Alborz induction furnace, pioneer in industry

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